Choosing a Caribbean Island

Choosing a Caribbean Island

Choosing a Caribbean Island for your holiday can be daunting. Use our quick guide below to help you find the best island for you.

Anguilla:- a blend of high style and low key elegance, set to a slow and casual island tempo. With spectacular coral reefs.
Antigua:- is all about the lovely beaches, miles of white soft sand. Some diverting colonial heritage
Aruba:- The main attraction is a ribbon of beaches lined with big world-class resorts and backed up with malls of familiar restaurants and bars.
Bahamas:- Far-flung hideaways and glossy mega-resorts. Great for Island-hopping explorers, divers and party-goers.
Barbados:- Various beaches ideal for surfers, wind-surfers, budget sunbathers, party-goers and the traditionalists, who dress for dinner, a truly welcoming island. A real island for everyone
Bermuda:- Known for its distinctive blend of British and American culture and pink-sand beaches.
Cayman Islands:- Island of the wealthy with a cosmopolitan vibe. A nature lover’s heaven offering stunning diving and breath-taking walks.
Cuba:- A time-capsule of a vanished Caribbean, a huge island unlike any other. Cuba offers famous music, political challenges and disintegrating urban beauty. Reasonably priced holidays in a truly ‘foreign’ country, a delight for adventurers and explorers.
Curacao:- Offers a relaxed laid back pace of life. It’s an island of contrasts, that lives its own life, and isn’t to touristy. With over 40 sheltered beaches, a diverse heritage spanning 55 different cultures and a ‘live and let live’ attitude.
Dominica:- Known as the nature island. An unspoiled hiker’s paradise. Volcanic peaks, boiling waters, waterfalls, underwater springs, rushing streams and rainforest canopies.
Dominican Republic:- A large country with a dominant Hispanic culture. Has world-class resorts on fine beaches, lots of colonial-era history and inland areas with forbidding peaks.
Grenada:- You really can smell nutmeg in the air of this small ex-British colony. Small and inviting beaches vie with rainforest-clad hills for attention. Low-key holidays in beautiful natural surroundings, mixing with genial locals.
Jamaica:- Seemingly the centre of the Caribbean. Lively island, very laid back, offers up resorts from posh to lurid and a distinct urban culture. Great for Spicy food, spicy music and natural adventures
St Barts:- Famous for its casual chic French culture. Uncrowded beaches, designer shops and world class restaurants. Some of the finest luxury hotels. 
St Kitts & Nevis:- Small friendly island with big hotels and booming condo developments. It’s just large enough for a fun day trip around the island that includes the vast pirate-era Brimstone Hill Fortress.
St Martin / St Maarten:- An island of 2 halves, one French one Dutch. French side is known for its nude beaches, clothes, shopping and French and Indian Caribbean cuisine. Dutch side is known for its festive nightlife, beaches casinos and native rum based liquors.
St Lucia:- Beaches, beautiful resorts, and lushly forested hills. Popular with the French and honeymooners. Activities abound in and out of the water. Great choice for Divers, snorkelers, trekkers, kite-surfers and nature-lovers, and of course those seeking out pure luxury.
St Vincent & the Grenadines:- relaxed traditional Caribbean islands. The main island, St Vincent, is mostly rainforest while little idyllic Bequia is the star of the relaxed Grenadines. Catching rides on fishing boats between beach-ringed islands is the classic Grenadine experience. Ideal for Boaters, divers, explorers, people without schedules.
Trinidad:- A big, pulsing Caribbean island that revels in Creole culture and boasts a party scene
Tobago:- Smaller than its cousin Trinidad, it boasts everything the larger island lacks, pristine nature, resorts worth the trip and fun in and out of the water. Amazing rainforest, popular with bird watchers.
Turks & Caicos:- Lots of little islands with perfect beaches and turquoise waters waiting to be discovered. Nowhere here is very busy, even the world-class dive sites.
British Virgin Islands:– The richer, less-developed and more isolated version of the US Virgin Islands. Yachties and divers find their bliss amongst the 40 islands here; the main island, Tortola, offers glamorous diversions.

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Planning a Caribbean Holiday

Planning a Caribbean holiday

When Planning a Caribbean holiday what do you need to consider when choosing which island will be best for you? There are several factors to look in to when you start planning a Caribbean Holiday. We can help you with the whole process. Think about the questions below.

What time of year do you want to travel? The Caribbean does have a hurricane season, which means although there will be rain, you can get some great prices. Remember just because it’s hurricane season, it doesn’t mean there will be a hurricane and some islands are outside the hurricane belt.
Do you want a small quiet island or somewhere more lively?
Do you want more activity, with a lots of water-sports available?
Do you want to go diving or to learn to dive? How close are the dive sites to the island?
Do you want to be All Inclusive, or do you want to explore and dine around the Islands?
Not all of the islands have direct flights, are you happy to take 2 flights?

Then consider:
Do you wanting to stay on the beach or just near the beach?
What board do you want,  All Inclusive, Full Board, Half Board, Bed & Breakfast? (Not all islands offer All Inclusive)?
How important is luxury to you?

The above  3 are the main considerations to take in to account when planning a Caribbean holiday as they affect the price the most. The higher the star rating, the more then hotel will offer as standard, and so the higher the cost. Seaview rooms are more than inland or mountain view rooms.  If this is a one off holiday of a lifetime, where luxury is all important, find a wonderful 5* resort by taking into account all of the questions above. If you are planning on spending the vast majority of your time exploring the island or diving in the Caribbean Sea and high end luxury and choice of restaurants isn’t so important, you can find some lovely 3* resorts.

Once you have taken the above factors in to consideration you can then narrow down which islands would suit you best and from there which resort will be perfect for you. See Choosing a Caribbean Island.

With over 20 Caribbean islands to choose for your holiday it can be a little intimidating. Think about the above questions, most importantly what it is you are looking for from your holiday and then give us a call or fill out the contact us form, as Caribbean Experts we can help you by taking the headache out of planning a Caribbean holiday.