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St Barths Holidays from The Caribbean Specialists

St Barths Holidays

St Barths, really name, Saint Barthélemy, sometimes called St. Barts, is a volcanic island fully encircled by shallow reefs, it has an area of 25 square kilometres. East of Puerto Rico and near the Virgin Islands, St. Barths lies immediately southeast of the islands of Saint Martin and Anguilla. Morne du Vitet, 286 m in height, is the tallest peak on St Barths.

Summer is from May to November which is also the rainy season. Winter from December to April is the dry season. Sunshine is very obvious almost all through the year and even through the rainy season. Humidity, however, is not very high because of the winds. It has an average temperature of 25 °C with day temperatures rising to 32 °C. The average high and low temperatures in January are 28 °C and 22 °C while in July they are 30 °C and 24 °.

St. Barths is considered a playground of the rich and famous, especially as a winter haven, and is well known for its beaches, gourmet dining and high-end designers. Most of the food is imported by airplane or boat from the USA or France. St. Barths has about 25 hotels, most of them with 15 rooms or less. It is a great island for those who desire privacy on holiday.

On the island of St. Barths, many guests spend their days relaxing on a sun lounger, taking in the sun, enjoying the book they didn’t have time to read at home, wondering which restaurant to try next. St Bart’s is an ideal Caribbean island for a totally relaxing holiday, where your main aim is to unwind.

There are 14 fourteen beaches on St. Barths, all of them blessed with pristine white sand. Few are crowded, even during peak season. All are public and free. Charter a sailing boat just for a sunset cruise or take an excursion with a crew, for a day or a half day.

Diving and snorkeling are popular in St Barths, the massive corals are in full bloom, with multicolored fish everywhere. Each bay has a reef to be explored, each islet has its walls and caves. The most spectacular dives are around Pain de Sucre, an islet off Gustavia harbour, or around a small cape, l’Ane Rouge, off Colombier bay.

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A Selection of Resorts for your St Barths Holidays:
Eden Rock Hotel
Hotel Christopher
Isle de France
Le Guanahani
Le Toiny

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